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VHS is now a Trilogy and has Released the Trailer for V/H/S: Viral

VHS is now a Trilogy and has Released the Trailer for V/H/S: Viral

It’s about time someone highlighted the dangers of viral videos! Actually I am kidding, the only thing dangerous about the internet are the millions of ignorant people who try to contribute what they think will go viral. Just because some idiot falls off a balcony while planking and dies, that doesn’t mean that taking pictures

13 Horror Movies Actually Worth Watching!

One genre of films that has the most hardcore fans has to be, horror movies. Especially around Halloween, everyone is looking for the scariest horror movies to watch so they can complain about not sleeping on Facebook. What may be scary to some is not necessarily scary to others and is a reason why there

VHS 2 Movie Trailer

A few months back we covered the horror movie VHS and the response was pretty positive from horror fans all over. VHS was a series of found-footage style film featuring six different shorts from six different directors. With the success of the first film brings on a sequel with a line of reputable directors making


V/H/S | October 5th 2012 (in select cities) For the month of October, expect to see a lot of Horror movies coming out that you should watch. A team of the genre’s most exciting up-and-coming directors teamed up for a six-part found footage anthology that scared the crap out of everyone at Sundance in January. A found