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This is What 100 Days of the Napoleon Dynamite Dance Looks Like….

This is What 100 Days of the Napoleon Dynamite Dance Looks Like….

This video comes from the Project One Life YouTube channel featuring a kid doing something we should all be doing, living life. His concept is simple, he has created a bucket list and he is filming himself completing tasks from the bucket list. “I have a Bucket List and I am trying to live life to

World Record Deadlift Completed Like A Boss!

Zydrunas Savickas completed a world record deadlift this weekend at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus. Our friends over at Integrated Fitness caught the world record live! Savickas not only created a new world record, he made picking up 1155 pounds look easy as hell, like a boss! My highest pull on a deadlift was

The Never Ending Oreo and More with Lee Terbosic

Anything Is Possible is a new miniseries produced by comedy magician Lee Terbosic consisting of magic themed videos that are just 15 seconds long. You know, videos perfectly sized for Instagram. These are not the stop motion Vine-like magic tricks you may be thinking of. These are actual magic tricks that Lee performs in person. If

Your Move Girl Talk: Eminem Goes Berzerk In New Video

It is like Christmas come early for me with getting to see Eminem in New York this summer and then having new music released from him too! There are some mixed reviews of his latest single though; “Berzerk,” off of his highly anticipated upcoming album. However,  I haven’t heard much about the video that just

Harlem Shake Teaser Video at Diesel

Here is the teaser video from the Eat Your Heart Out zombie themed V-Day party from Diesel on Friday. The full video will be released soon but for now this Harlem Shake video serves as the teaser for the craziness that went down Friday night. We teamed up with Deadicated Clothing, Lethal 412, Clique Vodka,

People Are Awesome 2013

These people are awesome: This video is simply a compilation of a bunch of people doing awesome shit! This video is for the people, bored at work, looking for something to spread throughout their company email. It’s fun! Lot’s of flips going on in this video. Still bored? Here are some people not doing awesome things.