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Storm Chaser Accidentally Films Himself Getting Struck by Lightning

Storm Chaser Accidentally Films Himself Getting Struck by Lightning

Getting struck by lightening is probably not on your daily agenda but it can happen to anyone and sometimes does. As a storm chaser who has most likely witnessed many thunderstorms, you may start to think it will never happen to you… Just like the weather enthusiast Scott Sheppard did. Obviously not expecting to be

India’s “Poo Party” Song Will Be Stuck In Your Head All Day!

There is a serious problem in India…. people are shitting all over the streets. Poo is everywhere! In an attempt to help rectify the poo situation plaguing the streets of India, UNICEF launched a PSA urging the people of India to take the poo to the loo. According to UNICEF’s poo2loo.com, it is said that

Topless Woman in a Thong Destroys a McDonalds in Florida!

Apparently she isn’t Lovin’ It! Unbelievable security camera footage shows a crazed topless woman in just her panties tearing apart a Florida McDonald’s. The video shows the nude, extremely agitated lady start her tirade by screaming into the St. Petersburg restaurant’s kitchen before slamming her head onto the counter in a maniacal rage. This isn’t

Denham Psycho Reimagines Patrick Bateman as a Hipster

DenhamTheJeanmaker.com released a pretty cool short film re-imagining American Psycho‘s Patrick Bateman as a hipster. Conceived and produced by the award-winning creative agency Flickering Wall, Denham Psycho is a short film tribute to the controversial cult-classic, American Psycho. It is the out-of-the-box ideas and creativity like this that get your business the attention it deserves.