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The Killer Clown Prank Returns and is Better than Original!

The Killer Clown Prank Returns and is Better than Original!

About a month or so ago, a video was posted about a man dressed as a killer clown scaring people in a parking garage. Well, the success of that original video has spawned an all new killer clown prank video complete with new props, scenes, and scares. Putting a prank together like this does not

Holy Hell! This Guy Shot Up Heroin Right in the Middle of a Rap Battle!

Meet Cadalack Ron, a semi-known West Coast Battle Rap veteran from California. Does the name sound familiar? Probably not, his name just really started hitting headlines across the internet as the battle rapper who shot up heroin right in the middle of a rap battle. Crazy right!? And as opposed to Cadalack Ron falling into a

When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong…. In a Real Life Street Fight

The old saying goes, the loudest person in the room is the weakest person in the room. More often than not, that statement is completely true and when you see that statement proven to be true, oh, it is bittersweet. Case in point, a kid from New York got into an altercation with two guys

VHS is now a Trilogy and has Released the Trailer for V/H/S: Viral

It’s about time someone highlighted the dangers of viral videos! Actually I am kidding, the only thing dangerous about the internet are the millions of ignorant people who try to contribute what they think will go viral. Just because some idiot falls off a balcony while planking and dies, that doesn’t mean that taking pictures

India’s “Poo Party” Song Will Be Stuck In Your Head All Day!

There is a serious problem in India…. people are shitting all over the streets. Poo is everywhere! In an attempt to help rectify the poo situation plaguing the streets of India, UNICEF launched a PSA urging the people of India to take the poo to the loo. According to UNICEF’s poo2loo.com, it is said that

What The Fox Say?

Last year around this time of year the viral traction of Gangnam Style started to really pick up. Now comes this song from the “The Fox”, from the Norwegian talk show “I kveld med YLVIS” consisting of Bård Ylvisåker and Vegard Ylvisåker. Essentially a song about animals noises and they are confused as to “What