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Nude Yoga Girl On Instagram

Nude Yoga Girl On Instagram

New to Instagram, Nude Yoga Girl is gaining a lot of attention, and a lot of views.   And we can see why.  Nude yoga poses in an artistic expression, without the selfie stick.  You should probably take a look.  

People Are Weird… Have You Heard About Mermaid Classes?

Yes, you can be a mermaid. There are many strange workout routines, but this one might take the cake. Wait do mermaids eat cake? Either way there are mermaid classes designed to get in touch with your inner mermaid. This is no normal class with blackboards and desks unless they float. Not only will you

Twerk in this: The Macacao as seen on Eva Andressa!

We introduced the Macacao the other day in the Brazilian Yoga Pants post, so if you didn’t check that out, now is the time! Once you are prepped on the definition,  let’s take a closer look at hot babes wearing them including fitness model Eva Andressa! From my many hours spent researching hot girls in

All the Hottest Women and Their Bootys 90+ Photos

Everything surrounding the word Booty is simply awesome. It’s original intended purpose was to describe a pirate’s treasure or their ill-gotten gains. As a child, we always wanted to find a One-eyed Willie style treasure map and set out on a quest with a group of friends to obtain some booty. As we became adults,

Hot Fitwear You’ve Never Heard of: Brazilian Yoga Pants!

Looking good while being active is definitely something we at Faded Industry can appreciate in a lady. So yes, you read that title right; there is something even hotter than yoga pants: BRAZILIAN YOGA PANTS. I’m pretty much obsessed with this line of workout wear ever since I got to model a set from Dona

CT Fletcher and Mike Rashid talk about Overtraining Chest

Mike Rashid and CT Fletcher come together again for another video. Ever since the CT Fletcher The Master Plan video went viral via the Strength Project, fitness enthusiasts from all over have been flocking to his videos to learn and or dispute his methods. A while back we featured a video with CT Fletcher featuring

Insane Chest Workout Mike Rashid

“The Secret’s revealed, F%!King Hard Work“ – CT Fletcher In another posted video from crazy man CT Fletcher, he coaches Mike Rashid doing an insane chest workout. Rashid starts out with 245lbs (110kg) on the bar. The bar is filled with ten 10 lb plates on each side. He then does 10 reps, takes one plate