TAK3N: Taken 3 Gets A New Trailer. Liam Neeson vs. The World.

It’s Liam Neeson against terrorists, pissed-off human traffickers, and every level of US law enforcement you can think of. One could argue Liam Neeson might be the most irresponsible parent/husband ever for losing his family for now a third time, but society can over look that if the result is another Taken movie. Following being framed for the murder of his wife, Bryan Mills is on the run to clear his name, kill a lot of bad guys, seriously injure semi-good guys getting in his way, and driving extremely recklessly to save his daughter from certain doom.

Good Luck.

TAK3N – Taken 3 | official trailer US (2015)

Taken, man… Taken started out as such an unlikely long-term success. It seemed like a run of the mill, “shoot-em up” action flick, with a future destined-to-be Expendables cast member. I don’t think anyone had expectations of it blowing up into such an action movie cult favorite… but it did. Try to think of the movie with anyone else but Liam Neeson in the role of Bryan Mills. My captain obvious theory is Liam Neeson makes the difference between Taken being a one-off, entertaining action/suspense movie and it turning into a full-blown action franchise. He has a certain set of skills, indeed.

The third installment of Taken looks like it’s going to be a little circling back with Bryan Mills’ background, explaining his badass-ed-ness, while still moving forward with reaching deeper into the terrorist rings and battling against bigger and bigger fish who mean to do him wrong. Sure, there will be plenty of the same as well with family members in danger, bullets flying, explosions exploding, terrorists dying, governments being disruptive, and Kim running very awkwardly.


There we have it. Taken 3 – TAK3N is on the way and if you’re not pumped to see a damn good action flick, you need to stop being such a boring human being. Open up the new year by heading out to the theater on January 9th and watch Liam Neeson save his family while eradicating more and more significant terrorist cells.

I have a certain set of skills but they’re nowhere as cool as what Bryan Mills is working with. All the same, you can see them if you come hang with me on facebooktwitter and instagram.

By: Eli Rebich


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