Teach Me Mixology!

The art and science of Mixology has been a growing trend within the night life scene in the recent years. With shows like Bar Rescue gaining in popularity, the behind the scenes workings of the night life industry are becoming exposed. Each episode, host Jon Taffer introduces a lead mixologist from large companies like Diageo who teach the art of Mixology and create unique and custom cocktail menus and creations. If you have ever had an interest in learning the art of Mixology, there are classes available that you can take.

At Teach Me Mixology, their goal is simple. Educate the average consumer on the art of mixing great cocktails. Each student is provided with a comprehensive training program that enables an individual to become a skilled and confident bartender. These courses feature hands-on training with one of the city’s top mixologist and flair masters. Teach Me Mixology Instructors, Steven Kowalczuk a.k.a. The Cocktail Chef and Stephen Pacacha a.k.a. Stevie P. are ready to mix it up for you!

Their instructors will demonstrate and explain the step by step process in preparing each cocktail while you the guest can learn to create the drinks along with them. Teach Me Mixology puts the bottles in your hands and lets you pour the drinks. All of their students will learn the fundamental skills of basic bartending, mixology and flair while learning how to prepare advanced cocktails and put a touch of style on their presentation.

Teach Me Mixology’s Spring Schedule is now available and classes starting on Saturday April 6th. You can purchase tickets for the class and learn the art of Mixology from Kowalczuk and Pacacha starting this Saturday at Whim Pittsburgh. Group discounts are also available. Each class features a new themed cocktail creation perfect for the season.

Ticket Giveaway

Faded Industry is giving away 4 tickets to each of Teach Me Mixology’s classes this weekend. To win tickets to either Saturday’s or Sunday’s classes, simply comment below naming your favorite cocktail and why from Clique Vodka’s MixBook. Winners will be chosen at random and announced in the comments section.

If you have any questions or need tickets, let me know.



  1. Eileen Halloran said:

    The Smore tini is my fave, because what’s Smore fun than winning free tickets to this awesome class?

  2. Christina Crivelli said:

    My favorite is the Clique-tini Key Lime Pie…. because everything is better with whipped cream 😉

  3. Lou Alsippi said:

    Give me that powerhouse punch! Because I’m a powerhouse in Pittsburgh remodeling 😉

    • isaacFADED said:

      sorry lou, you were just slightly behind the last comment. in the event that one of the others can’t make it I will hit you back up.

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