Teen Wolf

Finally! Teen Wolf is returning for a third season in less than 100 days and I am dying with excitement. I think I’m dying with excitement of something every day but that is NO reason not to take me very seriously. I know I also said that I don’t like most of what is on MTV and that’s still true, but Teen Wolf is my FAVORITE show on there. Don’t be afraid Lydia, there’s less than 100 days til the premiere!

You’ve probably been avoiding this show because you think it’s for teenagers. Well, you’re going to kick yourself. Unlike the title implies, the actors/actresses in the show are not teens so I am going to give you the go-ahead to drool over them legally. In fact, the whole show has very adult themes and gore: really impressive and unexpected in a show meant for an audience that may also watch Teen Mom.  There are actually scary scenes!

As you can see above, they use  minimal special FX in the makeup the Weres wear which keeps the cheesiness of Syfy series down and the fight scenes, death, and gore attract a male and also horror-fan audience.  This is a win people! Check out the the awesome makeup on the evil Kanima below.

Another great thing about the show is that the producer/writers picked THE hottest men to play werewolves and their friends so that definitely should cause you to tune in. First,  Tyler Posey is the Teen Wolf, reprising the role originally played by Michael J. Fox eons ago. As someone who has seen both the movie and now the series, I have to commend them for doing a great job recreating the series to make it a current drama that doesn’t alienate fans of the old. Tyler is so drool-worthy that I had to google-creep him after the first episode to make sure he was over 18. I’m not even joking.  Just look at him.

Did I mention the other Were, an Alpha with a 6 pack ifyouknowwhatImean, Derek Hale who is played by Tyler Hoechlin? He can be a bad guy at times but is mostly just badASS. This is no wolfpack from Twilight folks.

Finally, our buff trio is rounded (cornered?) out by Colton Haynes who plays super-douchebag Jackson Whittemore.  I’m sorry, super-HOT douchebag Jackson. Ladies, I think you should watch to find out if he’s maybe just misunderstood and you could fix him.

Watch the intro for the show here, and just try and tell me your heart isn’t racing!

Will you be tuning in on June 3rd? Prep with a cold shower, you’ll need it and tweet me during the show!


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