The 1st Annual Snoop Lion 420 Festival

Snoop Lion (formerly known as Snoop Dogg) is also a notorious fan of marijuana. This Saturday is April 20th, a day that many lovers and fans of marijuana consider a holiday. Snoop also considers 4/20 a holiday and plans to celebrate this occasion, big. How does he plan to celebrate? By throwing a 420 party in a giant Hollywood Mansion with all of his celebrity friends! And Clique Vodka is the official vodka sponsor for this event! Nice to see all that hard work finally paying off for everyone with Premier Innovations Group.

Last summer, the news of Snoop Dogg going to Jamaica as a Dogg and returning as a Lion slammed throughout the internet and media sources everywhere! Snoop a legend and longstanding veteran in the hip-hop scene not only changed his name but also his style of music. A documentary is being released to discuss Snoop’s change and how he has become Reincarnated.

This Saturday, April 20th , bring your green hat to the notorious cannabis enthusiast Snoop Dogg’s 1st annual 420 Festival in Los Angeles. Snoop is inviting celebrity friends and members of the general public to celebrate what many consider a joyous holiday.

With the release of the new black bottle, Clique Vodka has quickly been gaining traction and attention among celebrities and entertainers from all over. As a result, the new vodka was asked to sponsor this event and hang out with Hollywood’s elite. This is only the start of what’s to come for this new vodka brand.

Oh yea, I brought up the Hollywood Mansion where this party will be taking place, check it out…..

Tickets are available if you would also like to attend the event. General Admission starts at $150 and VIP is upwards of over $10,000…. Who wants to get VIP for Snoop’s 1st Annual 420 Festival? Pictures will follow Saturday’s event, stay tuned.



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