The Best Valentine’s Day Cards on the Internet!

Valentine’s Day is a tough day for men everywhere. For those who are stuck in a relationship, there is a lot of planning that goes into this day. Today also sucks for the single guys out there as well. Sure, it’s easy to take advantage of a single girl’s emotions on this day but that could quickly turn tragic when a one night stand suddenly turns into a psychotic love interest.


As the future continues to become more and more awesome, new technologies become available. For the first time ever, the masses will be turning to Tinder to hopefully find tonight’s love interest. We have to take time and appreciate the fact that this sort of technology is now available. Never before has it been so easy to have sex with a nearby stranger…. I have a feeling that the single half of America is going to break Tinder tonight.


For those of you not turning to Tinder to find love and are considered old fashion, we’ve searched through the internet finding you the sweetest and most well thought out Valentine’s Day cards so you can swoon that special someone. Take your pick and make it count, you now have all the ammunition you need.

lesbian-crushmarijuana-vday-heart meth-vdayheart-joint

wifi-vday american-horror-story pizza-dat-ass matter-of-fact leo-card fallen-for-you workoholics mean-girls-health take-my-breath-away kanye-lion-king nic-cage-vday hitler-vday little-mermaid bill-nye were-millers bandaid kitten-box pizza weed-vday apu-come-again hitler mean-girls-vday heart-chest mileyhitler-final

By: Pat Hanavan