The Clique Vodka BlackOut

If you happen to stumble over to any of Clique Vodka‘s pages today you will notice some serious changes. For one, everything is changed to black and there is no bottle imagery shown. Today, Clique Vodka launched it’s 14 day BlackOut leading up to the release of their new bottles.

Clique Vodka released this in a post last month:

“If you have been to a Wine & Spirits store recently you may have noticed a shortage of Clique Vodka. As the month of October continues, the shortage will actually continue to increase as more and more stores sell out of product. There is a reason for this - Clique Vodka has a brand new bottle to release!”

The article explains that the Clique Vodka brand you know, love and recognize is changing forever. The current product on the shelves will soon be gone forever.

“This is literally your last chance to ever grab the current bottle of Clique Vodka. After November these bottles will be gone forever!” Clique Vodka also goes on to say, “There is a new look, new bottle, and an upgraded lifestyle coming to Clique Vodka.”

What can you expect to see? Unfortunately, all we can tell you is that from what Clique Vodka is posting that a new bottle is being released. The BlackOut is lasting for 14 days and at the end of the BlackOut, Clique Vodka plans to completely re-release the brand as well as all of the imagery associated with it.

For now, stay tuned!


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