The Dirty Heads at Carnegie Music Hall

Have you ever been to the Carnegie Music Hall of Homestead? Did you know there WAS a library in Homestead? Well, I didn’t. Much less, I didn’t know that inside said library was a theatre as in ballet or orchestra theater like the Palace, or the Benedum. Ridic. Well, it’s been a popular place for musicians and comedians to perform over the past few years so you should keep reading to see if it’s a place where you would enjoy a show!

I found out about the Music Hall last year when I went to see The Dirty Heads and Matisyahu. On Wednesday, I was there to see the Dirty Heads again, and it was super fun! I have to say that it is really awkward to have to walk through a library of books to get your beers and wine but definitely way better than being in a crowded concert fighting your way to and from the stage/bar to get sloppy drinks all in one room. For someone used to gross bar venues that smell like old beer and cigarettes, this venue is definitely out of the ordinary but so that you are prepared, here is the DL:

A little rundown of what to expect to see a show at the Music Hall. First, you will need to find on-street parking. Totally free- no garages or people charging $10, which is awesome because you already spent $$ on the tickets! It’s not a bad area of Homestead, its huge new townhouse-type buildings on the side that look nice and homes where I didn’t see any weirdo’s creeping around.

When you walk in, you might notice a lot of old people. That’s because the entire Library Music Hall staff is VOLUNTEER based Crazy! These people are not getting paid and they do a great job moving everyone into the theatre and serving booze- so be sure to tip them! So after entering, you can go straight into the seating area (yes seats, but there is a small standing room area near the stage) where an usher will show you the way with a flashlight if needed!

Or, if you are thirsty (I’m always thirsty), you can go right, through the library- books and all- and head to a cafeteria type room where they have a bar set up in the back and tables and chairs to lounge in. They had Coors Light and Yuengling for $5 a cup, and a variety of Barefoot Wines for $5 a cup too. The BEST part was that they had $2 souvenir cups you could get that had a lid and straw- and then you were allowed to take that into the theater! Drinking beer in a library or a theater is super fun and a first for most people.

Finally, you’ll want to head into the show of course! I got to see the Dirty Heads for the 4th time and they never disappoint! I feel like they would be comfortable doing a show anywhere- libraries, living rooms, rooftops, etc! That’s how you know it will always be amazing to see them. I was on the balcony, front row, for just $25 tickets and had a great view. They played the more well-known songs from the radio like “Spread Too Thin” and “Lay Me Down” so that was good to tie in with an audience not as familiar with the group. They also played many crowd favorites from Any Port in a Storm and Cabin by the Sea so of course I liked all of those too!

Drummer Matt Ochoa had a little issue with beating the drums so hard they were working their way off the stage! No, but really they were slowly falling off the slanted mini-stage and it was a little funny but did not affect the music at all! A few sandbags saved the day! I love that Duddy B always keeps a smile on his face, while singing and playing the guitar with his magical fingers!

Jon looked like he had fun pounding it out on bongo-type drums and finally keyboardist Shawn (wearing a Pittsburgh Pirates hat!!) and vocals-of-an-angel Jared (Dirty J) were super sweet and took a picture with me and my friend Carrie after the show- so we had to give them lots of Clique Vodka to drink in exchange! Love those guys and hope to see them again this summer!

All in all it was a great experience with the band and the venue! I’ll definitely be back to see Joel McHale of The Soup next month! Follow DH on twitter for tour updates here so we can go see them together sometime!


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