The Drunk Bus Tour!

The famous St. Patrick’s Day Drunk bus will be touring around the city of Pittsburgh once again this Saturday! Only on Faded Industry‘s Drunk Bus do you get to see all of what one of the biggest party cities has to offer on St. Patrick’s Day. Market Square, South Side, Station Square, and even Mt. Washington are all on the list of stops for this bus ride!

This year there will be two main pick-up and drop-off locations. The first pick up location will be at District 3 in South Side and from there the bus will go to the 2nd pick up location at Barroom in Station Square. When the day ends, the 2nd to last drop off location will be at District 3 in the South Side and the final drop off location will be at Barroom in Station Square. If you plan on driving to either location then it is up to you to remember where you are leaving your own car. We have added the 2nd pick-up/drop-off location for your convenience as we know some people prefer to ride the T into town.

From 10:30am the bus will tour the city making stops on Mt. Washington for pictures, Market Square for partying, S Bar and the South Side for specials, and Station Square for the all day party!

The St. Patrick’s Day Drunk Bus Schedule:

  • 9am: Meet at District 3 for Kegs & Eggs
  • 10am: 1st Pick-up of the Day at District 3
  • 10:20am: 2nd Pick-up of the Day at Barroom
  • 10:30am-2pm: Pittsburgh Tour
  • 2:30pm: Drop-Off at District 3 in South Side
  • 3pm: Final Drop-Off at Barroom in Station Square

If you still neeed to purchase a ticket for the bus on Saturday, you can do so by visiting the Faded Industry Online Store. Simply CLICK HERE for tickets!

Let me know if you are coming onto the bus!