The Hunger Games- Review

The Hunger Games opened up with a $155 million weekend, the third highest opening weekend of all time, according to estimates from Lionsgate. Only “The Dark Knight” ($158.4 million) and “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2” ($169.1 million) have had stronger opening weekend showings, giving “The Hunger Games” the highest non-sequel weekend premiere ever. The $155 million weekend also topped every release in the “Twilight” series, including the franchise’s biggest opener, “New Moon,” which started with $142.8 million when it bowed in November of 2009.

I did not read any of The Hunger Games books. So I can not give you an opinion based off of how the book translated to the movie. If you read the book and would like to weigh in with your opinion, feel free to, I will never read the books. I will never have a post relating to the books and honestly when walking into this film, I thought The Hunger Games would involve hippos. With that being said, I enjoyed the movie and thought it was very well done. I would suggest seeing it.

What I have run into a lot when discussing this movie is The Hunger Games vs. Battle Royale comparison. The funniest quote I have seen on the internet is “Do you know what they call The Hunger Games in Paris? A Battle Royale with Cheese.” That is just hilarious on multiple levels but as far as the movies being similar, they are not. I do think that the idea of The Hunger Games could have been inspired by Battle Royale, the premise is almost identical. But, where The Hunger Games succeeded was by adding a lot more substance to the plot and creating a unique dystopian society to add into the story. If you have not seen Battle Royale yet, I would suggest seeing it ASAFP.

Should you see The Hunger Games? Yes. Should a rated-R version of this movie also be released? Yes. Even without the rated-R rating, the movie still did as much as they could with the kill scenes. Hopefully the unrated DVD feature will have some more to add to the actual kill scenes.

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  1. D-Rex said:

    Please warn people about the horrible shakey-cam filming that made me want to vomit. Take your dramamine before this movie!!!! And it’s like 2.5 hrs long. So I got my matinee -money’s worth.

  2. Paul H said:

    Dude great review. I was worried you were going to hate it and then I’d have to kill you. You REALLY should just take the time and read the books. They are an extremely easy read and most people finish them in a weekend. If you liked the film, the book (as usual), as a TON of detail they still couldn’t fit in a 2.5 hour movie. The books are also way more violent and I was surprised they could pull off a PG-13 rating.

    @ D-REX As for the shaky camera, I didn’t notice that at all. Have you SEEN Cloverfield!? Now THAT’S a movie with a shaky camera. I thought THe Hunger Games was filmed just fine.

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