The Internet is Awesome


The internet is full of a lot of awesome. From videos, to pictures to watching a celebrity like Amanda Bynes having a complete meltdown LIVE, everything you need can be found on the internet. Everyday we are slammed with content from everywhere, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Here is a quick list of awesome internet stuff we felt like sharing. Enjoy…..

Below you will see some awesome stuff. The Jeb Corliss Grinding the Crack video, a cuddlefish being cooked live, a picture of Hitler on a sled, some cool ass art and more. Above are Amanda Bynes selfie pictures and her boobs, dope right?



bill-murray-portraitBreaking-Bad chairs colorful-chameleon eifle-tower emma_watson flys ginger hitler honeyBooBoo Mom horror_story house fly krag kry lava-game mila msl_selfportrait.jpg.CROP.article920-large OldPanter prayingmantis 50Shadesrock Shade-of-Grey shuttle starwars PUBLISHED by catsmob.com

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