The Man. The Myth. The DJ Nugget

From the beginnings of Faded Industry to present day, not too many people have stuck around for the long haul. We’ve met quite an eclectic bunch in the nightlife industry while running this business. This industry is a tricky son of a bitch and it has proven to not be for everyone. As the years passed, so did the various promoters, managers, bartenders, DJs and even the nightclubs themselves. A large majority of them just seemed to fade away into the background. One of the names who did not fade into the background is DJ Nugget. A well respected name who was controlling crowds in the scene long before we were and someone who¬† still has a stranglehold on the nightlife scene today.

DJ Nugget, who is also known by the government as Adam Kulik, has been playing in front of crowds for over half of his life. What started out as his first job in high school has transcended into a full time career that has taken him all over the country. He holds down four residencies and plays for thousands of party-goers at premier nightclubs and bars in his hometown of Pittsburgh every week and travels regularly. His love of all styles of music allows him to bounce around genres in his sets or stick firmly to a specific format if necessary. Nugget has played notable clubs and parties all over the U.S. including the Do Over in Los Angeles, Greenhouse in New York City and the Palms in Las Vegas to name a few.

dj-nugget-villaWe have had the privilege of working with DJ Nugget many times throughout the years. Ironically enough, our first privilege of working with him was at Privilege Ultra Lounge. Since then, he has been a part of many of our events and was even asked to perform at the initial release party for Clique Vodka at the Pittsburgh Aquarium. DJ Nugget is someone in the music industry who is looked up to, even though he is not much taller than I am. Almost any DJ we’ve worked with in this city has cited Nugget as an inspiration or as someone who has helped them get their start.


If you are not familiar with DJ Nugget’s work, checkout his most recent mixtape Reel Feel 2013 and follow him on SoundCloud.

Video: DJ Nugget heading out to Las Vegas with DJ Bonics to perform at the Palms:

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By: Pat Hanavan