The Selfie Olympics, Step Up Your Selfie Game

Only one week into 2014 and a new trend has emerged online, a necessary upgrade to those boring selfies. Introducing, The Selfie Olympics. Just like the Planking or Harlem Shake trends, everyone is aiming to outdo each other by posting the most creative and imaginative selfie ever produced. The trend is simple, as opposed to taking a typical bathroom mirror picture, the user creates a unique scene using odd props or as a lot of lazy people have done, just hang from a door. 


With only days of this trend emerging, I’ve already seen articles posted about the dangers of the Selfie Olympics. This trend is new at the moment but like everything on the internet, has a very short shelf life. Very soon this trend will become tacky and annoying, just like they aways do, so soak it all up now while it is still fun! If by chance you do come across an article with someone who got hurt or died competing, please post the url in the comment section below!


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Got your own Selfie Olympics photo? Send it over! We just may feature it on the page. Got a favorite pic? Let us know in the comments below!

By: Pat Hanavan