The World Series of Beer Pong 2013

The World Series of Beer Pong is the largest, longest-running organized beer pong tournament in the world, created by beer pong players, for beer pong players. Last years event drew over 1,000 participants from 45 U.S. States and 5 Canadian Provinces, offering the largest payout in beer pong history of $65,000. Games are played on 8-foot BPONG Tables, and WSOBP Rules govern all gameplay.

Every team starts with a clean slate and an equal chance at making a run at the $50,000 grand prize. Teams do their best to rack up the wins and positive cup differential, positioning them in the best possible spot for a high seed in the third and final day of competition.

Throughout the past year we hosted a few satellite tournaments with Steel City Pong giving away the trips to Las Vegas for The World Series of Beer Pong. Well, the World Series just ended and in Las Vegas and it was a blast! The competition took place at the Flamingo Hotel in the heart of the Las Vegas strip from January 1-5. The former Las Vegas mayor, Oscar Goodman, opened the competition declaring Beer Pong the official sport of Las Vegas. And it was from that point the three day long party began. It’s truly an event unlike anything you have ever seen.

The Fun @ WSOBP

Go-Go dancers, DJ, costumes, Bananas in Pajamas and more filled the Flamingo ball room turning this giant room into an insane all-day party starting at about 11am. Rows on top of rows of beer pong tables cover the main area of the ball room floor with a stage in the center featuring the DJ, go-go dancers, VIP sections and a private beer pong table. By the final day, bleachers are brought in to focus on the top 16 teams leading up to the final game.

We were out in Vegas for the The World Series of Beer Pong supporting our Pittsburgh and SoCal friends who joined forces to win the Tournament. Faded Industry backed our good friends Ricky & Fat Kid who’s team name was Off in Church (because you can’t beat Off In Church). The tournament started out rocky for Off In Church when the first team they played proved in fact that you can beat Off In Church. But after the 3 day series, Off In Church made it into the final 16 where they eventually lost and ended up at 13th place out of about 400 teams.

In the end, a new champion was crowned as Drinkin Smokin Straight West Coastin beat two-time WSOBP champion Smashing Time. The event was a huge success and a $100k tournament Beer Pong Tournament has already been announced for July. Guess we will have to set up some more tournaments for you to win a trip!