Thong Thursday and American Censorship

Censorship in America is slowly dwindling away, as if our country is slowly becoming more mature with the available content on the internet. Before Family Guy was cancelled back in 2002, a particular episode with concerns about its content was deemed too inappropriate and not allowed to air. “When You Wish Upon a Weinstein” is an episode where Peter Griffin uses a Jewish fellow with the name Max Weinstein to help with his troubled financial situation. The FOX executives decided to err on the side of caution in fear of it being construed as anti-Semitic. The episode later aired on both Fox and Adult Swim and to the viewer’s disappointment, was nothing out of the ordinary.

As censorship continues to dwindle away, so will the clothes these hot women wear. Network television now exploits rape, murder, drug use and even some graphic sexual situations. Inevitably, Google will continue their plan of World Domination and with the release of Google Fiber, unrestricted content will become even more accessible once the cable companies can no longer compete. We take access to this content for granted as it is just a part of how today operates. The past decade completely reconstructed how content is received and the upcoming decade will only revolutionize the delivery of content exponentially.


During my travels abroad in the extremely Hostel-like (reference to movie) looking city of Riga, Latvia, I was shocked by some of the magazines I came across. While reading a free magazine in our hotel lobby to pass the time, I stumbled upon an interesting article. The article I read discussed hot European female DJs who perform topless all throughout Europe. Best part about the topless DJane story, the pictures. Multiple photos and full on frontal shots of these beautiful Swedish DJanes performing completely topless at nightclubs. If you want to see naked women in a magazine in America, you have to be that perverted looking gentleman at the checkout holding the magazine that comes in a bag.


Unrestricted, easily accessible content can only mean one thing for the future – more thongs with a side of nudity. Thongs are a top 5 favorite and may quite possibly be the greatest invention next to yoga pants. The more these tiny pieces of cloth infiltrate mainstream media, the less violence and war we will see. This is not a fact but you can believe it with me if you want. As a test, scroll down through the rest of the pictures and let me know if you are upset about anything when you reach the bottom.

black-beach-thong warehouse-thong boat-booty twin-lingerie bathroom-shot taking-off-thong pink-booty-shorts sunset-thong pants-down the-gap yellow-thong-and-teddy-bear kitchen-booty-black-and-white at-the-beach-thong reef-corona heart-south-beach in-bed-thong tattoo-booty thongs-in-snow stretching-booty in-the-pool on-the-balcony workout-booty popcorn-booty light-brown-thong black-lace-outside in-the-bedroom jeans-cut-booty-shorts in-field-see-through three-hot-chicks three-butts-beach black-lace-booty white-lingerie in-the-kitchen thong-beach-backpack ripping-top-off black-lace two-beauties at-the-beach thong-umbrella booty-cover black-panties purple-booty-shorts purple-thong

What are your thoughts on American Censorship? Did you even read any of this? Comment below and let me know!

By: Pat Hanavan



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