ThrowBack Thursday: White Party 2009

Every Thursday on the internet has become Throwback Thursday now. Some people get sick of it, but what the hell do they know. It’s fun to look back at the days of MySpace and reminisce about the Good Ol’ Days. This Throwback Thursday dedication is to the 2009 White Party, the first year the event was hosted at Diesel Club Lounge.

Diesel Club Lounge is not only one of the best venues in the city of Pittsburgh, but also in most cities I’ve personally traveled to. Diesel was a perfect fit for a new location for the White Party and our first year hosting it there was a great! Also in attendance for the event was Wiz Khalifa who gives a little “Get Faded” shout (2:54 & 3:30). Also in attendance this night, the first ever Clique Vodka bottle. Only 150 of these bottles are even in existence today! The vodka brand has come along way since then….


In 2009 the Strip District took a turn for the worst, what was once the nightlife mecca of the city of Pittsburgh was turning into a part of town most were afraid to visit. One-by-one the nightclubs in the Strip District began to close and Privilege Ultra Lounge was unfortunately one of those venues. With the changing nightlife landscape in Pittsburgh, it only made sense to adapt to the changing trends and move the event. That is why the White Party found it’s new home at Diesel Club Lounge in 2009.

All info is up and posted if you plan on attending the White Party this year at CAVO!