TimeBomb Shop Vodka Tasting

The Timebomb spot has firmly established itself as a leader and essential player in the fashion, music, and art community. For the past 12 years the Timebomb Spot has been a world class source for the latest and hottest in urban apparel as well as the industries most up to date mix tapes and DVD’s.

That is why we decided to take a trip down to this iconic Pittsburgh store and do a little taste test with the TimeBomb Crew. The purpose of the test was to see how Clique Vodka stood up to some of the staple brands of the industry. The overall goal from these various taste tests is to prove one simple thing, Clique Vodka, a brand that sells at almost half the cost of some of it’s competitors has that top shelf quality taste that the staple brands also do.

The TimeBomb Crew put Clique Vodka to the test against Grey Goose, Absolut, Stoli, and Smirnoff, watch the video to see how they did.


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