Tom Savini Journal from Django Unchained #3

April 7th: Everyone stayed in nursing their hangovers and I went to the World War II museum and then next door to the Tom Hanks/Steven Spielberg 4D giant screen presentation of the World War II. I sat down in front of the biggest movie screen I’ve ever seen, other than the Omnimax here in my hometown of Pittsburgh. When the movie was over I felt like I had just been through the war. A tank rolled over me, Kamikaze planes crashed into me and it actually physically snowed on me and the audience. After that I left, lit a cigar and went for a very long walk. Bliss.

Went back to the hotel and just lazily laid around watching television and ordered a movie from the hotel. Tinker, Sailor, Soldier Spy. Excellent.

April 8th: Easter Sunday we woke up late and went to a screening Quentin set up at a local movie theatre of an Indonesian film called The Raid, Redemption. It was the most brutal violent film I’ve ever seen, and I’ve made a lot of them. Quentin was there in the front row laughing his ass off, really not just watching the movie… but you could tell he was studying it. Very inspirational. Samuel Jackson was there in the audience sitting behind us and occasionally yelling out “Yep, that’s what I would do!”

Outside the theatre Quentin and I talked about Hunger Games being a total rip off of Battle Royale and he asked if I had seen the photo on the internet of John Travolta and Sam Jackson in the car scene from Pulp Fiction with the caption: ”What do they call Hunger Games in France?…Battle Royale with cheese.”

Later that night I played Lord of the Rings from my Ipod to the hotel television for Jodii.  She had never seen it before.

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