Tom Savini Journal from Django Unchained #5

April 10th: We were picked up at 6 a.m,  taken to the set, got in costume and this was a very fun day, all leading up to the dogs attacking D’artagnan.

If you were to ask me what is it like to be directed by Quentin Tarantino, or ask what it is like on the set, I would have to say it is the most fun set I’ve ever been on. Everyone is in a good mood, especially Quentin. You hear him laugh all day.  We would be sitting a hundred yards away in our little social area with our chairs away from the action and you would hear Quentin laughing, from a small giggle to up-roarish gut busting belly laughs, most of the time from something he says or a joke he makes.

Dave has been playing his character, Mr. Stonecipher, in a very dumb hillbilly, extremely slurred dialogue lazy tongue sort of way. So much that Quentin and the crew and the actors are all picking up on it and imitating him. We call it Stoneciphereeze. After one take Quentin started talking in Stoneciphereeze but we could make out that he was saying “okay we got it”….and in a very slurred dragged out slow lazy delivery said ”bahhhht…wrrrrrrrrrrrr gahhhhnnnna dooo waannnnnnnn mrrrrrrrrrrrr.”

After another take later in the day Quentin, atop a tall ladder, announced “Okay we got this…but we’re going to do one more becausssssseeeeee? And the whole cast and crew including me yelled out…”BECAUSE WE LOVE MAKING MOVIES!”  What fun.

Tomorrow we are supposed to start the day with the dogs attacking and tearing D’artagnan apart.

It’s a strange sight to see all these directors chairs scattered around the swamp. Some have the actors names on them and some just say “cast.” We are just barely off a dirt road with enough solid ground to put the chairs up, and a medical cart, and beverage coolers, and loads of camera equipment, a crane, and costume racks, and lots and lots of horses, and the attack dogs trailers.

Every now and then the snake handlers would come by with their probes and extended claw gizmos looking around our chairs for snakes. We are situated just a stones throw away from the dense swamp on both sides of our little dirt road. A place I would not like to walk into. The snake handlers found three snakes, and they were not real big and not real deadly.  They put one in a cloth bag and set it near the Trackers shack. A bunch of us were sitting on our chairs and someone, a grip or P.A., came over and wanted to see the snake. The handler took it out of the bag and the grip actually taunted it. He started to do this “coochy coo” thing to the snake and it was amazing. The snake did an arched leap into the air and swung around and clamped and bit the grip on his hand. He screamed and jumped backwards. Another one headed to the Tetanus shot clinic.

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