A Tour of UFC President Dana White’s Bad Ass Office

Dana White is the president, part owner and undisputed face of the UFC. His office, headquartered in the fight capital of the world, Las Vegas, looks just as bad ass as you’d expect. JetSet Magazine interviewed Dana White and toured the UFC President’s office showcasing some of the art and memorabilia he’s collected over the years like guitars signed by Flea and an AK-47 wrapped in dollar bills, stuffed full of cocaine and black tar heroin. Yes, actual drugs.

With a net worth of $150 Million, White has an office you definitely want to see.

Dana White describes the AK-47 piece of art:

This is probably the most testosterone fueled office on earth, probably. That’s a gun that’s taped up in dollar bills. And basically, what this piece of art represents is, literally, on the other side, on that clip, those are all real drugs in there. There’s cocaine, black tar heroin, and a bunch of other actual legit drugs that are in the clip over there. And it basically represents what war is really all about and what happens as a result of war. You know, it’s all about money. And then, what happens to the soldiers who go over and fight? Most of them become addicted to drugs or end up messed up somehow. So, it’s a pretty cool what the actual, this piece of art represents.

Dana White also divulged some added information about the fact that he has bought every toy he’s ever wanted and is now done. Does that mean he could be stepping down as President soon?
By: Pat Hanavan


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