Underboob is the Best Kind of Boob! 50+ Pictures

If you grew up in the 90’s you were sort of forced to fall in love with boobs. No matter which way you looked, chances are you would see Pamela Anderson or her gigantic chest bouncing around on TV. Back then, there was no focus on all the wonderful bootys of the world due to how strict censorship was on television. Way more has changed than we can even truly appreciate and that is one reason why underboob has become everyone’s favorite type of cleavage.


Underboob is cleavage visible from the part of the shirt that covers the bottom of the female breasts. Why is this so attractive? All girls show off their cleavage daily with their daily wardrobes. Even business attire can give us a nice glimpse of what is going on with their chesticles. Unfortunately, it’s boring and we’ve seen the top of women’s boobs our entire lives. The attractive part is the underboob!



Below demonstrates just how hot underboob or bottomboob can be. A woman wearing a similar top as their daily attire would definitely turn some heads. But hey, if you got it, flaunt it. Technology is improving at an incredible rate and eventually breast implants and plastic surgeries will M.T.O. style like ordering your food at Sheetz.

taking-off-wool got-a-drink standing-living shirt-coming-off fitness-hottie ripping-shirt body-hot great-pov bill-murray-hot hot-shirt green-shirt-hot black-and-white low-life-hot giggle hot-on-counter slim-selfie taking-off-top stretching-hot-girl hot-tatted-hottie big-booty christina-ricci-boob hot-white-lace hot-in-paradise out-in-the-cold pale-hottie WILDFOX RESORT 2013 - photographs by Steven Meiers / TheCobrasnake latin-girl-hot point-of-view huge hot-bottom-boob underboob green-bay-hottie lifting-shirt biting-black-shirt big-heels hot-girl-pink-shirt hot-girl insert-caption american-tits just-tits no-bra black-lace hot-green-bay-packers-fan peek-a-boob selfie-post taking-them-off model-chick nike-boob blue-tank-shirt on-the-bed girl-cut-shirt selfie-mirror-bathroom

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By: Pat Hanavan



    • pathanavan said:

      Yes, in the future, you will walk up to a computer and put in the style of plastic surgery you want and 5 minutes later you will have new boobs

  1. G West said:

    That was one the most amazing sets of pics I think I have ever seen.. Truly amazing ..

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