Unreal Artwork by Dirk Dzimirsky

Would you believe me if I told you this wasn’t a photograph of a person?

I was absolutely blown away when viewing this artwork. It was so cool I just had to share it! The artist is Dirk Dzimirsky, a freelance illustrator and author based in Germany. And yes, this is not a photograph but instead Dzimirsky’s artwork. I stared at his artwork gallery trying to decipher the difference between pictures of people and works of art only to find, they were all just works of art.

Dzimirsky works in a style that most people refer to as photorealism or hyperrealism. Using photos as references for his hyperrealistic drawings and paintings. These are not identical reproductions by any means. Dzimirsky likes to work as if he were drawing from a live model. Working with the movement and expression, working fast on larger, more unimportant areas, and slowing down on parts that need more attention. Actually improvising a lot. His main concern is to capture the essence and substance of forms in order to get close to a perceptible presence of the subject.

I choose drawing over painting as this allows me to create many layers over layers of lines and dots which react to each other in order to create a vibrant texture with directions and movement. This approach enables the finished work to be viewed more by the “senses” as opposed to the standard visual observation of a photo. Personally, I view the practice of drawing as reminiscent of scratching on a surface to observe what’s hidden underneath, where as the nature of painting projects more the inverse, covering and hiding details and forms that might have contributed to a sensuality of a work.”

I want to capture and describe a persons precence and specific inner self. Similar to what a detailed writer might employ in their analysis of an individual, I portray not only the physical attributes, but more importantly the subjects inner presence of life. It’s not too obvious as my work appears most detailed, but I understand my approach as both representational and lyrical, using marks like words and textured areas like paragraphs. All parts of a whole, telling a story about a human being.”

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