Urijah Faber Introduces Full Contact Skydiving

The last time I’ve seen two sports successfully combined was Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s BASEketball way back in 1998. I guess that really doesn’t count though, I’ve attempted to replicate the game in my youth only to find out that we were playing some strange version of H.O.R.S.E with baseball rules. Outside of an unbelievable action film, did you really think that a skydive fight would be a real thing?

UFC bantamweight fighter, Urijah Faber, The California Kid, now introduces Full Contact Skydiving. FCS combines techniques from traditional martial arts such as Wing Chun, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and variations of Muay Thai, Daito-ryu, and Aikido, teaching fighters timing, mid-air adjustment techniques, and free-fall attack neutralization. Skyjitsu or Norwegian Jiu Jitsu, provides the basis for many FCS fighting techniques. They’ve even developed Skuay Tai, a variation of traditional Muay Thai fighting which focuses more on core strength and gravity management to maximize power out of kicks, punches, and knees, as well as control in the clinch.

I’ve been meaning to post this earlier because I have a love for both skydiving and MMA. Honestly though, I truly thought this was bullshit. Figured it was an attempt at a viral video created by Amp Energy so I investigated a bit deeper.

FCS (Full Contact Skydiving) is a unique, sky-based self-defense art that teaches practitioners to engage in free-fall combat with minimal overexertion through a higher understanding of physics, balance manipulation, and gravity’s effect on the human anatomy.


There are also strict rules as to how the fights take place:

  • Initial jump altitude must be a minimum of 15,000 feet.
  • Neither participant may engage in combat or contact until both are free from the aircraft.
  • Both participants must pull their chutes by 4,000 feet REGARDLESS of fight progress.
  • Once either parachute has been opened, the combat portion of the jump is finished and neither fighter may engage with the other.
  • No fighting on the ground.

There are also no rounds in Full Contact Skydiving, the round is determined between the time it takes to fall from jump height (15,000 feet or higher) to chute-pull height (minimum 4,000 feet).

There are also fouls in the sport which could result in a disqualification:

  • Groin attacks of any kind
  • Throat strikes of any kind
  • Reaching beneath an opponent’s helmet
  • Striking downward using the point of the elbow
  • Striking to the spine or the back of the head
  • Using any part of the parachute to choke and/or strangle an opponent.

There are more fouls that could even result in a possible expulsion from the sport:

  • Preventing opponent from pulling his chute at any time
  • Removing opponent’s helmet
  • Tampering with or in any way disabling an opponent’s chute
  • Tampering with or removing opponents altimeter

The fighters train in a wind tunnel which is referred to as a great fitness regimen for people of all fitness levels. The wind tunnel is excellent for learning basic body weight manipulation, dexterity, gravity flow, and improved mid-air grappling techniques. Urijah Faber goes on to say, “The best way to describe our sport – a savage ballet

Unfortunately, what I assumed was true… Full Contact Skydiving is fake. Glad I waited to post, that could have been embarassing… However, my goal for 2014 is to complete my first solo jump, so, if anyone wants to make FCS real, I may be down with it.

By: Pat Hanavan


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