Valentine’s Day Ideas for Guys!

Valentine’s Day is my FAVORITE! It’s all the pink of course. You may not be as happy about the holiday; maybe you are stressed over what to plan for your honey bunny, or are unsure if you got a great gift because of what Pat Hanavan posted (Undead Teds). You might even want to do nothing because you think it’s a Hallmark-invented holiday but let me just tell you that you that is a BAD MOVE! It’s a day to celebrate someone you care about, love, like a little, want to look at for a while, or just in general want to bang.  What is so wrong with spending time with someone on Feb 14th? Nothing!  So have no fear! D-Rex is going to give you the scoop on what a girl like me wants for Valentine’s Day, so that if you like a girl like me or maybe ARE MY BOYFRIEND AND ARE READING THIS pay attention!

I am pretty sure about two things that girls like: Food and Movies.  I like those things as well so you should incorporate both of those into your Valentine’s Day plans.  If you can cook, then cook; if you want to take me to a restaurant, awesome. Delicious things need to go in my mouth on Valentine’s Day (That’s What She Said.) Yes, you are paying, because how much am I really going to eat?  And I paid for groceries yesterday anyway. I’m going to recommend my favorite new restaurant in Pittsburgh- Luke Wholey’s Wild Alaskan Grille! First, it has WILD in the name so that’s obviously a good pick. Second, the decor is like a manly, warm, lumberjack lodge that you want to cozy up with someone in after they just got back from a month on the ocean fishing for Deadliest Catch! Plus great FREE appetizer/ Clique Vodka drink/dinner deals on their Facebook page and Foursquare check-in offers!

Ok, now I’m stuffed (That’s What She Said). Take me to look at something fun. To the movie theatre to see Warm Bodies!!!! Well, I already saw that, but a girl like me would love that movie so if your lady hasn’t seen it, then take her there. So, take ME home to watch a movie while we lounge around. Do NOT try to make out with me when we get in the door, sheesh, don’t even touch my stomach I just ate 15 crab legs. Maybe just rub my arm while I sprawl out in a snuggie for a little while.

I’m going to recommend some movies or tv shows with sexy scenes in them.  NOTE: When the sexy scenes come on, you are going to want to use the PAUSE button on the remote. Then you can try to makeout with me. Ok so first pick is going to be the library sex scene in Atonement with Keira Knightley and that kid from Wanted.  YEAH!  But pause it before that stupid child stands in the doorway and ruins the mood.  Second pick is True Blood. Just pick a season. Pick an episode, I’m sure there’s a sexy scene in it.  My final pick is Spartacus; the episode titled “Whore” where Spartacus gets pimped out to an elite female member of society and they get it on with amazing gold painted bodies…. aaand now makeout. You’re welcome.


Well, now that you know how to get into MY pants, it’s time to go find someone who will let you into theirs! Tweet me if you need any more date ideas!!! Happy Valentine’s Day!  @Cliqueasaurus!



  1. Damaris said:

    Because if you think that zombie bear is what you should get a girl for Valentine’s Day you are wronngggggg LOL!!! Haha ok some girls might like those.

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