Vaping As Stress Relief?

– Featured post made possible by Jane Brown –

I have successfully quit smoking for long enough that I only occasionally imagine picking it back up again. Usually it happens when there is something on TV, often from 20 or 30 years ago, that glorifies the tough guy or sexy woman smoking.

I promise myself at that moment that on my death bed my last request will be a pack of smokes.

Do You Want to Quit? I Didn’t.

There are lots of ways to quit smoking. Actually wanting to do so has to fit in there somewhere, you would think. For me, I never really did want to quit. Okay, there, I admitted it. I didn’t want to, but it worked anyway. I loved the feeling of relaxation associated with my smoking. I could sit in my favorite chair, light up and the world would go away, for about 7 minutes or so–if I wasn’t interrupted that is, which it seemed like I was, at least most of the time.

How to Quit? Vaping is Actually Cool, Unlike Smoking Tobacco

There are several options for quitting. Everything from acupuncture to cold turkey has been tried (and mostly failed) by smokers the world over. Lately, vaping has become quite trendy. The idea of using e-liquid and vape juice to ease yourself into not smoking cigarettes makes sense to me. All of the joy of smoking, without the nasty bits. There are lots of flavors, too. It sounds like it might actually be more fun than smoking cigarettes ever was and much cooler, too, you can find lots of e-liquids from IndeJuice.

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Don’t Undermine Yourself

The easiest way to fail at quitting smoking is to undermine yourself in some way. Self-sabotage is a smoker’s trait I think. When I look back to see what was really the most significant factor when it came to quitting smoking for me, I can see one thing.

Smoking did not fit in my life. Nothing about my life, aside from the fact I smoked, looked like the life of a smoker. I was continually having to go outside to smoke. I was always missing out on something because I was taking a smoke break. I had a few friends who smoked, but they were longtime friends who had been smoking with me for years. My newer friends were all non-smokers.

Academic Research

They do real academic research on this stuff. Here’s a study where they studied the substitution of e-cigarettes for smoking tobacco. They were looking to identify ways to increase a smoker’s motivation to vape. They looked to former smokers (like me) who have successfully quit smoking through vaping to help current smokers switch to vaping, too.

Their Advice? 

  • Everyone needs to find their own combination of a vaping device, flavors of e-liquid and nicotine strength that they like. Trying sample packs of e-liquids gives the greatest chance for finding the perfect combination.
  • Smoking and vaping at the same time is fine, at least for a time.
  • Most people tried (and failed) to quit using at least one other more traditional system before they tried vaping.
  • Vapers notice that their health and hygiene both improve pretty quickly once they switch away from cigarettes.
  • Experienced vapers love to give advice to new vapers. You can consider them a valuable resource. There are online resources and vape shops where you can make connections. Use them.

Ultimately, what is important is that the lifestyle of a smoker changes into that of a non-smoker. By spending time with other vapers you can find yourself a new community. The DIY vape juice community is very active online and has been garnering the attention of many. Convincing your long time smoker friends to “Come Vape with Me” will build another vaping community for you, too.

I completely understand if you don’t want to quit smoking, but vaping is really at least as enjoyable, and worth a try at the very least.

– Featured post made possible by Jane Brown – Vaping as stress relief?

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