Bricolage Theater

Pittsburgh, PA
937 Liberty Avenue, 1st Floor, 15222

Located in the heart of Pittsburgh’s Cultural District, the Bricolage Theater has been a prolific participant in the downtown Pittsburgh cultural scene, providing audiences with a broad spectrum of original works, adaptations, collaborations and interactive experiences.  The company uses “what’s at hand” to combine existing elements — physical, social, political, cultural — into new visceral, meaningful theatrical experiences for artists and audiences alike.


The word Bricolage means, “making artful use of what is at hand.” What excites this company is the connection and interaction between seemingly disparate elements, and the potential for these components to resonate as one cohesive event. Bricolage uses the distinctive resources of the Pittsburgh region to create theatrical experiences that stimulate a heightened sense of involvement for the audience. “What’s at hand” is our city’s changing landscape, our plentiful human and material resources, and the salient political, cultural and ethical issues we encounter and react to each day.


“We envision theater not as a passive experience, but as a vehicle for heightened involvement for artist and audience alike.  Our approach encourages artists to take the creative risks necessary to create full-blooded, high-quality theatrical experiences that challenge audiences to engage in new ways, react, and express openly their opinions about our work – to have a stake in the creative discussion.


By combining different artistic mediums, nourishing local talent, producing provocative work, and facilitating audience engagement, Bricolage seeks to revitalize live performance for a new era.

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