Did You Watch Archer’s Season 6 Premiere? You’ve NEVER Seen This Episode.

Hi guys! Glad to see you stopped by. THERE ARE NO SPOILERS HERE so no worries about reading further if you didn’t watch the Archer Season 6 premiere yet.

Scotch and gummy bears. Every new season of Archer, I equip myself with LOTS of scotch and gummy bears. If you don’t know why I do that, I may be doing you a huge favor right now because you’ll have to go watch the show to figure it out. You’re welcome. But for those of us who are, at the very least, up to date with Archer, well… I just found out a day ago that you’re probably not. There is a version of the pilot episode of Archer that never aired, but an element in it had a very odd reference as the show was gearing up for season 5. Archersaurus has an entire version of the pilot episode all his own. His season 5 reference is in the link below:

Archer Season 5: Welcome To ISIS… and the DANGER ZONE!!!

And now…

Archersaurus (UNAIRED PILOT Episode)

Archer – Archersaurus (UNAIRED PILOT Episode…

I imagine the reaction to this is either, “Holy crap this is so freakin’ funny!” or “This is dumb and I turned it off after 2 minutes.” I don’t really know if anyone is like me and has watched Archer on the frequency I have (damn near every day for about 5 or 6 years), but I know every line missing from this pilot episode, which makes the replacement dinosaur dialogue sounds unbelievably hilarious to me. That’s only half of the hilarity, though.

Archersaurus exists. Think about that exclusive fact for a minute. Somewhere along the line, the writers, animators and show decision makers got together and decided this is good idea. Think of what that meeting must have been like. I can’t imagine sobriety was invited. Then in production, they created a tangible Archersaurus character and inserted him into every frame Archer was originally shown, in all the same positions, doing all the same motions. They took all of Archer’s dialogue, on and off-screen, and replaced it with raptor roars. Sobriety must have been invited to the final screening of the episode because it’s clearly completely finished and someone stepped in and said this is version is not hitting the airwaves.


Never airing or not, I’m glad Archersaurus exists and I was able to see it. It makes me appreciate the minds behind Archer so much more and how ridiculous the extents of their humor spans. What did you think of Archersaurus? Hit up the comments and I’ll see you all down there.

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By: Eli Rebich


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