What Happens When You Ask Strangers For Sex?

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Men versus women wanting to have sex on the spot showed very different results. The numbers may be skewed being in Europe, but the results are pointing in a pretty clear direction. One guy had the challenge to walk about to 200 different women and ask them for sex, while another girl had a similar challenge. This social experiment dives into the minds of guys and girls to test their thoughts on sex. I’m no scientist or psychologist, but it doesn’t take more advanced studies to learn what we see in these videos.

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Guy asks 2

One social psychologist from Florida State, Roy F. Baumeister, did present a more advanced case study with collegues on the behaviors of sexual desired. These tests range from the desired frequency of sex, desired variety of sex acts and partners, frequency of fantasy, number of partners, fre-quency of thinking about sex, willingness to make sacrifices in other spheres to obtain sex. This was a more scientific approach in order to find the sex with the higher sexual drive. Results listed below, but take your bets first. The first video is a man asking women for sex on the spot. Do you think these videos will back up the theory of these many more advanced studies?

This was a much easier way to see the two sides in action than the advanced experiment. It seems most women would rather know a guy for more than five seconds. This guy didn’t fair too well, but neither would most. What about a woman asking a guy?

girls asking 2

Take your bets. These results have to be better then 1 for 200 right?

Result from the videos? Men have a higher sexual drive than women. Results from the more advanced studies done by Roy F. Baumeister? The same…surprise surprise. Does that mean women have a special power over men? If you took the under bet then you should probably stop betting. It seems men were much more receptive to the idea of random sex with a stranger. The woman asked less guys, but I think we see the pattern that was shaping. What would you say? Would you be tempted by a beautiful woman or handsome man?


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