What is SOPA?

A lot of people still today are wondering what all of the talk is about with SOPA and PIPA. While I could spend my time writing about all of the research I have done and post actual content from the proposed bill, I figured I would just post this video instead. As of today I am still allowed to post a video like this one and I am posting it for multiple reasons. Most importantly, I am posting it to educate those who are in the dark as to why the internet has gone dark today.

I would not be upset if I heard that Justin Bieber was put in jail. I kind of look forward to the day that actually happens. But, if Bieber were thrown into jail because a bill that was passed like SOPA, I would not approve.

Congress is about to pass internet censorship, even though the vast majority of Americans are opposed. PIPA is in the Senate and SOPA is in the House. Protect our rights to free speech, privacy, and prosperity. Watch this video and then visit HERE!

Just an example of what could be a potential crime under the new bill.




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  1. Luiz Antonio Goncalves said:

    It is nonsense how in some countries the problems are poverty and crime along with the struggle for government. Instead of looking of better ways to recover our economy as some of those sites mentioned have, we are too busy endangering our constitution laws just to make a small percent of the population happy I.E those who are already rich

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