What the F is that Smokey Black Ring in the Sky Above England!?

What is this mysterious black ring in the sky? Weather experts have no clue what this could be and people from all over are weighing in with their theories. This video below was captured by a 16 year old named Georgina Heap who was playing tennis when she saw the giant black ring in the sky above England and decided to film it.

The video of the Black Ring appeared over Leamington Spa, Warwickshire in England. With weather experts baffled and the local firefighters saying that there were no fires around the time of the sighting means only one thing…. THE WORLD IS GOING TO END! Everybody needs to start watching Doomsday Preppers and prepare for the worst! Everybody clear the shelves and buy plenty of toilet paper and water!


Could it be aliens? Could it be the government? Some articles have shown that people believed it to be a suicide ritual for bees. For now, no one really knows. Maybe it’s just a coffee stains from God’s coffee mug. Or it could be the smoke monster’s mating ritual from LOST. Either way, find a goat and slit it’s throat, we have some virgins to kill!


By: Pat Hanavan


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