When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong…. In a Real Life Street Fight

The old saying goes, the loudest person in the room is the weakest person in the room. More often than not, that statement is completely true and when you see that statement proven to be true, oh, it is bittersweet. Case in point, a kid from New York got into an altercation with two guys at a gas station. He could have just let the argument go and move on about his day but the New Yorker thought to himself, “Not today. Today, I am going to keep it real.” Then the video unfolds just as if it were a Dave Chappelle skit, enjoy.

From the guy filming:

Noticed this happening as I was leaving QuikTrip.

I am not entirely sure what the argument was over. But as I was leaving QT I heard something to the effect that the white guys almost hit the black guy as he was crossing the street.

After I stopped filming nobody was doing anything to help dude off the ground so I literally picked this dude up like he was a rag doll and carried him over to one the concrete potters that sit out front of QT’s. He eventually caught his breath and moved on.

And since the internet never sleeps….


By: Pat Hanavan


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