White Hot Menswear for the White Party!

Hey guys! I didn’t forget about you!!!! You will be needing to wear something clothes related to the 6th Annual Faded White Party too! So, with the help of my GQ-lookin friend @Dubmotion, we found some hot-ass guys in white attire that you menfolk need to model yourselves after.

First up is JAMES freakin BOND. Not only is his style impeccable enough to get any lady he desires, he also knows the number one rule of wearing white: Don’t drink colored beverages! If James Bond were in Pittsburgh for our White Party, I know he’d be drinking a Clique Vodka martini, shaken, not stirred. Props to Daniel Craig for looking dashing in a bowtie!


Secondly, we have a guy who would fit in perfectly at any Faded party: Russell Brand. His hair may be crazy but the white dress shirt, tie, and suspenders (YAY SUSPENDERS!) in this picture are top-notch, and not a wrinkle to be seen! You gotta love a guy who can look #highfashion while acting a mess! You may not have a million dollar bill in your pocket but you will look as clean and crisp as freshly printed one with a white dress shirt you can buy at any men’s clothing store (Buy a new one so that you don’t have to iron; wrinkles are the enemy!).



Last, but in no way least I have a more casual look from freaking MAGNETO himself: Michael Fassbender. I am pretty much drooling as I type this because I had to Google so many images of him to find a white outfit and let me just say that blogging for Faded… well;  I LOVE MY JOB! A long-sleeved thermal? Check. Unbutton a few buttons for that Deep V look? Check. Everyone staring? CHECK!

So guys, you may not be a spy, comedian, movie star, or the sexiest mutant I’ve ever seen but all you have to do is buy a fresh white shirt  and watch what you eat or drink (vodka is clear people!) at the party and you will be sure to catch someone’s eye!


See you at the party!


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