White Party 2011 – One for the Record Books

The White Party 2011 was definitely one for the record books. One of the sponsors for the event happened to be a limo company and we figured it would be a good idea to take a fill a limo bus with Clique Vodka and tour the city. In theory, that sounded like a good idea. Before sundown, we got pulled over for riding on the roof, kicked out of South Side Works and by the time we got dropped off at the White Party, everyone was already near blackout. The video below tells the tale.

Lethal 412 was along for that bus trip and filmed all of the action. They will also in the building at CAVO for this year’s White Party event capturing all of the fun! Let this video be a lesson, doing a party bus pregame before the White Party is a very bad idea!

If you have never before been to one of the White Party events, this Saturday is your next chance! It is truly one of the best parties of the year and you do not want to miss out!



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