Why Venetian Masks are so Bad Ass….

If I had a time machine and could travel to any period in time, it would have been back to the early masked days of Venice. Although small, Venice was capitalizing on its gains long before their European contemporaries realized the value of a market economy. Everyone was a part and contributed to the great economic machine that was the Republic. The citizens of Venice enjoyed a higher standard of living developing and as a result developed a unique culture. An entire city hellbent on success, I can dig it.


The masks worn helped to justify this higher standard of living providing equality for all the citizens of Venice. When masked, you walked with anonymity. State inquisitors and spies could question citizens without fear of their true identity being discovered and the citizens could answer without fear of retribution. Through the use of masks: for with no faces, everyone had voices. Very Guy Fawkes-like…..


Today, adaptations of these events can be seen all over the world in the form of pageants, weddings, balls and parties. Masque is a popular adaptation of these events bringing a modern day twist to this costumed ball. Combining the music and atmosphere of today’s nightlife scene coupled with performers and events as tribute to Venice, Masque is a one-of-a-kind event not to miss.


The creation of these superior Venetian Carnival Masks and Masquerade Masks is an intricate art. Venetian maskmakers (pronounced in Italian: mascareri) are all based in Venice and provide the highest quality handmade Venetian masks. If you are looking to purchase Venetian Carnival masks online, look no further:

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When referencing Venetian masks and masquerade balls, someone will usually reference Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut. What most people refer to is the masked orgy scene; a sex ritual that combines elements of Venetian Carnival and Catholic rites. You know, the kind of party everyone wants to go to, an anonymous sex-fest mansion party. Eyes Wide Shut actually almost received an NC-17 rating because of this scene but due to the addition of furniture and obscure objects it passed with an R-rating. In the end, I guess that was just a little fun fact for you. More furniture = More acceptable rating.

By: Pat Hanavan


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