Will Ferrell Threatens to Bite As Many Germans As He Has To

Today‚Äôs World Cup match between the USA and Germany would be a hell of a lot better if Will Ferrell was playing. Instead, he crashed the #FanHQ in Recife, Brazil with national hero Teddy Goalsevelt to help inspire the crowd. Teddy Goalsevelt hypes up the crowd by chanting “I Believe That We Will Win! I Believe That We Will Win!” before introducing a very unexpected new player for Team USA… Will Ferrell. The crowd then erupts chanting “USA! USA! USA!

Branded as the Secret Weapon of the American soccer team, Ferrell entered and gave a hilarious speech. In his speech he joked that even though he is out of shape, he will do what is needed to be done to win, even if that means biting the German players. The crowd again began to chant!

“I am so honored to be playing tomorrow,” Ferrell said. “I’m not gonna lie to you, I’m not in the best shape. I’m not in soccer shape right now, but I’m gonna try my best and I’m going to live up to the spirit of this American team.”

What did you learn from this video? That Will Ferrell is a national treasure.

By: Pat Hanavan


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