Wiz Khalifa Day?

December 12th will now be known as Wiz Khalifa day! No, this is not a nationwide or international holiday, but, it is one that Pittsburgh will now celebrate.

Strange to think that all the way back in 2007 Wiz Khalifa was just about to break out into fame but was still performing in Pittsburgh. Performing at Faded Industry’s 1 Year Anniversary at Deja Vu even. A gig we were able to book for the price of FREE! (That couldn’t happen again)

Below is from the official transcript signed today:

WHEREAS, Cameron Jibril Thomaz, better known as Wiz Khalifa, moved to Pittsburgh in 1996 and attended Regent Square Elementary, Reizenstein Middle School, Rooney Middle School, and Taylor Allderdice High School, graduating in 2006; and

WHEREAS, Wiz Khalifa wasn’t born in Pittsburgh — he spent the early years of his life living around the globe, from his birth in Minot, North Dakota to Germany, the United Kingdom, and Japan — but he has claimed Pittsburgh as his home and often references it in his music; and

WHEREAS, Khalifa got his first big break when he was approached by Rostrum Records president Benjy Grinberg in 2004, when he was just 16 years old, he signed on to the label and put out his first mixtape in 2005 and his first full-length album in 2006, the same year he was named an “artist to watch” in Rolling Stone magazine; and

WHEREAS, after releasing several more mixtapes and full-lengths, Khalifa signed with Atlantic Records in 2010 and released his breakthrough single “Black and Yellow” in September of that year, which quickly rocketed to the top of the charts and become an anthem of Pittsburgh pride; and

WHEREAS, Khalifa has garnered international praise for his music from nominations for Best New Artist at the 2011 MTV European Music Awards, to winning Best New Artist at the 2011 American Music Awards, and being named Best New Artist at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards; and

WHEREAS, Khalifa’s second full-length studio album was released on December 4th, 2012 and he will perform on Wednesday, December 12th at the Consol Center.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Council of the City of Pittsburgh does hereby recognize Cameron Jibril Thomaz aka Wiz Khalifa for his artistic contributions and for being an ambassador for Pittsburgh around the world; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Council of the City of Pittsburgh does hereby declare December 12, 2012 to be “Wiz Khalifa Day” in the City of Pittsburgh.

Sponsored by Councilman William Peduto
Co-sponsored by Council President Darlene M. Harris and Councilmembers Theresa Kail-Smith, Natalia Rudiak, Bruce A. Kraus, Corey O’Connor, R. Daniel Lavelle, Patrick Dowd, and Rev. Ricky V. Burgess



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