World War Z Movie Review

Zombie fans have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of World War Z. The new Brad Pitt movie is an adaptation of Max Brooks’ book World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War. Personally, I did not read this book but I have read the other and more important book, The Zombie Survival Guide. Always have to be prepared…..

Should You See World War Z?


Unless you are heading out to see Monsters University this weekend, you better have World War Z on your list. I am a huge fan of zombie movies and zombie culture but I am also not a hardcore zombie geek. I hate when I see these kids with bumper stickers on their cars, “Real Zombies Don’t Run!” While we can give thanks to Romero for his early adaptation of zombies in Night of the Living Dead, you kids are holding on to the past and you need to let go.


I was honestly turned off from the trailers I watched leading up to the movie. The overly CGI’d monsters in I Am Legend looked like California Raisins on steroids and World War Z‘s trailers seemed to mimic that. After watching the film, I was pleased that it was not in fact the case with these zombies and actual humans played a lot of the infected characters. The movie wastes no time getting into the zombie outbreak. The beginning of the film was not drowned out with us learning about Gerry Lane’s back-story and merits. Right away World War Z starts off strong and has a steady climb reaching up to a climactic ending of the film that never comes. Unfortunately, a lot of the suspense ends early and you are left with a somewhat dull and predicted resolution with some vague unanswered questions left behind. However, that resolution completely nods at a sequel and I would not be disappointed to see one.


The film was cast well but I could not get over one simple aspect of the movie, ‘s character Gerry Lane being married to Karin Lane played by . It’s nothing against her and I say this as a completely straight man, it’s just that Brad Pitt is a beautiful man and I do not feel as if he would go for a 6. was in this movie and I honestly did not even see or notice him. I will have to re-watch World War Z simply to see him again. Also did not hate ‘s character, Segen, at all. As Shannon of GuyManningham.com also points out, there were no children  or fat/obese zombies. It was as if every infected human just happened to be an Olympic sprinter and wrestler.

World War Z Synopsis:


Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) an ex-United Nations employee residing in Philadelphia, PA finds himself and his family in the midst of complete chaos during a morning traffic jam. In almost an instant, it’s full scale pandemonium as more and more humans become infected by an unknown contagious virus that quickly transforms people into rampaging maniacs. Lane is rescued by friends within the United Nations but at a price, he must agree to join his former colleagues in discovering the source of the rampant plague, and prevent it from bringing about the downfall of humanity.


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  1. Alisha Valentine said:

    There’s plenty of love going around for the zombie genre.Notoriety for those walking corpses that eat human flesh arguably began when George A. Romero made his seminal black and white horror classic “Night of the Living Dead.” The film brought a whole new meaning to terror to movie audiences around the world, and spawned a cult following around the twin tentpoles of zombie flicks: survival horror and social commentary.Comic book writer Robert Kirkman would meet similar success with his zombie apocalypse series “The Walking Dead,” which has been adapted by AMC into a successful television series that depicts a band of survivors desperately searching for a safe haven from the dead.Echoing that success is “World War Z,” author Max Brooks’ follow-up to his 2003 work, “The Zombie Survival Guide.”While “World War Z” the book is a compilation of interviews and accounts regarding the worldwide zombie outbreak, the film version is an entirely different creature that focuses on Pitt as former United Nations investigator Gerry Lane. An everyman who’s sharp and very protective of his family, Gerry’s calm new life is thrust back into chaos when the living dead come out of nowhere and cripple society to the brink of collapse.

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