13 of the Strangest Vodka Flavors

A few years ago, the flavored vodka market literally exploded as people’s taste buds no longer desired vodka flavored vodka. Smirnoff and Three Olives Vodka continued to add to their collection of flavors and it almost seemed as if Pinnacle was releasing a new flavor of vodka every week. If you’re interested in these kind of top 10 articles or top 13 in this case then be sure to check out The Very Best Top 10.  Cotton candy, bubble gum, whipped cream and more started to fill the shelves and the vodka aisle in liquor stores soon began to mirror a candy store. Since the new vodka trend was to release abstract flavors, some companies decided to go to the extreme with it.


Below is a list of some of the strangest vodkas you can find for sale from the companies who decided to take the extreme route:

1. Buttered Popcorn – 360 Vodka


Nothing gets me more excited than having a little popcorn with my vodka and blacking out while watching a movie. Does this vodka come with a package of napkins? That would be a great marketing concept for them to explore.

2. Hemp Seed – Purgatory


Want your vodka to get you high? Well this won’t get you high but it will still get your drunk.

3. Smoked Salmon – Alaska Distillery


I attempted to reach out to the creator of this flavor but apparently, while enjoying a smoked salmon cocktail, he was mauled by a confused bear.

4. Bacon Vodka – Bakon


Everyone loves bacon. It’s meat candy and it is oh, so delicious. Mixed with anything other than a bloody mary, this vodka tastes like a pile of pepper.

5. Double Espresso – Van Gogh


I like my vodka like I like my women, hot and not infused with Starbucks.

6. Peanut Butter & Jelly – Van Gogh

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That’s exactly what I want my vodka to taste like, a childhood sandwich. Can’t wait for the bologna sandwich flavored drink.

7. Salted Caramel – Effen


 I don’t know about you, but I always dip my Snickers in salt.

8. Wasabi – Oddka


Hipsters are flocking to the wasabi cocktails because it’s not cool yet. It will never be cool so pull out your typewriter and tell all your friend that you found a vodka impervious to mainstream culture.

9. Pumpkin Pie – Pinnacle


Trying to hone in on the 20 something female demo around fall, Pinnacle released a pumpkin pie flavored vodka. This is one pumpkin that should be smashed.

10. Chocolate Covered Pretzel – Wave


This could possibly be a good flavor to explore, I just would not trust anything that comes in a Wave bottle.

11. Lavendar Lemonade – Rain


Have you ever wondered what a candle or elegant bar of soap tastes like? Well, lavender lemonade has you covered.

12. Dill Pickle – Naked Jay


“Hey, you know what would be funny?” “No, what?” “A pickle flavored vodka!” (No, wasn’t being serious.)

13. Scorpion Flavored – Thailand Unique


Finally, a scorpion vodka. The creator of this should actually be forced to snort a pile of spider webs.

Know of any other strange vodka flavors? Comment below and let us know!

By: Pat Hanavan




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