8 Funny Female Comedians Who Are Also Hot

Stand up comedy is an incredible art form that is certainly not suited for everyone. I’ve been to plenty of comedy clubs all over America and have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. What I typically do not see when visiting a comedy club is a hot female comic. Attractive female comedians are like the Sasquatch of comedy. There is evidence out there that they exist but the only people who really give a shit are fat and old white guys from the middle of Arkansas.

I decided to put the rumors to rest. With nothing more than a brown paper bagged lunch and a pocket full of wonder, I went squatchin’ through YouTube tracking down these elusive and mysterious creatures for myself, enjoy!


1. Iliza Shlesinger

Iliza Shlesinger is the only female and youngest comedian to hold the title of NBC’S Last Comic Standing. There is a bright future for this girl and an even brighter future with me. Yes Iliza, this is my proposal!


2. Natasha Leggero

She resides in Los Angeles in a servantless household. Natasha has a service vest for her dog so that she can take it into expensive restaurants in case of an epileptic episode.

natasha leggaro

3. Aisha Tyler

Aisha Tyler is hot but her only downfall is the fact that the cartoon character she voices is 10x hotter. Lana Kane may be the hottest cartoon character ever…. yes, even hotter than Jasmine.


4. Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman is a house hold name at this point, I first fell in love with her when Ryan Phillippe knocked her out in the opening scene of Way of the Gun.


5. Whitney Cummings

You may recognize her from her couple appearances on the Comedy Central Roasts or possibly from her recently cancelled show on NBC. Either way, I could sit here and pun it up all night using her last name.


6. Nikki Glaser

Do you still watch MTV? Did you ever see a show not involving a pregnant 14 year old? If you answered yes to the first two questions, you may recognize Nikki from her MTV show, Nikki & Sara LIVE.


6. Chelsea Peretti

If you Google “Chelsea Peretti” the 4th search down is “Chelsea Peretti Feet” and I did not click it. If you do, comment below and let me know what’s up.


6. Aubrey Plaza

If you don’t recognize her from Parks and Recreation, you will probably recognize her from her website, complete with a hyphen and .org URL.

Parks and Recreation

7. Kristen Schaal

Kristen Schaal is hot in a not hot kind of way. More like a cute and not afraid to take home to your parents kind of way.
Comedy Central Presents Season 13

8. Amy Schumer

Why did Amy make the end of this list? A great comedian but when 2am hits and the other 7 turned you down, she will be there waiting.

Amy Schumer-20130709-143

Got any others who should have made the list? Comment below….

By: Pat Hanavan



  1. Cherish knudsen said:

    Tina fey is hot! Leslie Mann is hot! Have we forgotten about Jenny McCarthy ?!!

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