8 Things We Definitely Sort of Know About “Better Call Saul”

Better Call Saul is the prequel to the greatest show ever produced and award-winning series, Breaking Bad. Vince Gilligan and Breaking Bad writer and producer Peter Gould created the show together and serve as co-showrunners of the premiere season. News about the show has slowly been leaking out into the internet and this is what we know so far….

What is the time period?


Better Call Saul will take place six years before the events of Breaking Bad in the year 2002.

Why are they calling Saul, Jimmy?


When we meet him (Saul), the man who will become Saul Goodman is known as Jimmy McGill, a small-time lawyer searching for his destiny, and, more immediately, hustling to make ends meet.

Will there be any other reprised roles?

Mike Ehrmantraut

Working alongside, and often against, Jimmy is fixer Mike Ehrmantraut, a beloved character introduced in Breaking Bad. The series will track Jimmy’s transformation into Saul Goodman, the man who puts “criminal” in “criminal lawyer.” The series’ tone is dramatic, woven through with dark humor.”

They won’t cancel this right away, will they?


Better Call Saul has already been greenlit for a second season of 13 episodes. The debut season will consist of 10 episodes. AMC confirmed it has already ordered a second season of 13 episodes so no matter what, we’ve got 23 episodes to look forward to.

And Jimmy has a brother?


Michael McKean will play Saul’s brother named Chuck. Other regulars on the show will include Michael Mando as Nacho, Patrick Fabian as Hamlin, and Rhea Seehorn as Kim.

Have they started filming?

Yes, filming is underway in Albuquerque!

When will this be released?


Although originally slated for a 2014 release, that is not the case. From what it looks like, we will be seeing the premiere in the first quarter of 2015.

Will we see Walter White or Jesse Pinkman? (rumors)


In the beginning of the series, probably not. There is no conformation anywhere and if it were to happen, my guess is that it would come a lot later in the series. What is cool about Better Call Saul is the talks of the show having a flexible timeline. “One of the great things about having a timeline which is flexible is that perhaps some of it takes place before Breaking Bad, during Breaking Bad, and after Breaking Bad,Gould explained. This could easily show a lot of parallel progression along side the Breaking Bad timeline leaving an endless amount of opportunity to reintroduce many of the characters.


By: Pat Hanavan