A trip down Memory Lane

Before Facebook and Twitter took over the world, Faded Industry had only MySpace to use for promotion. Randomly I will revisit MySpace just to relive the past. Today, I visited our Faded Industry profile and was looking back on our old albums. I will get into some of the other events we have thrown but the one that really was cool to look back and see was our 1 Year Anniversary Party at Deja Vu. It took place on July 7, 2007 (7/7/07).

Deja Vu, at it’s prime, was one of the most unique spots in the city and one of my favorites. It was 3 levels with the 2nd level having a mezzanine and private VIP room, and the 3rd level being completely disconnected and open enough to act as it’s own club. We have thrown many events there but the Faded 1 Year Anniversary is the one that is coolest to look back on.

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I could be mistaken, but, I am pretty sure this was the first event we officially worked with Jordan Beckham at solidifying our long-term relationship. He came through, got some cool shots and gave away a free photo shoot that night. Glad to see Jordan Beckham still working and continuing to grow with us.


The 1 Year Anniversary featured the 7 Deadly Sin models. I do not remember the designer or even if there was one, but we had 7 beautiful girls walking around that night each representing 1 of the 7 deadly sins. Also, as you can clearly see, even back then if there was a microphone in the room it was in Isaac‘s hand.

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It may be hard to recognize this guy in the picture above. You can see most of the skin on his neck and forearm and there is not a blonde streak in his hair. Wiz Khalifa performed at our 1 Year Anniversary dropping Pittsburgh Sound on the crowd. That was his hit back then. It was soon after this event that Wiz Khalifa signed with Warner Brothers and you know what happened from there.

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It was also soon after this event that we started working towards our next big project, Clique Vodka. From there, the following years have been a complete blur, but at least MySpace is still there to save all the memories.




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