ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Comedy Group Mega64 DESTROYS the Foo FIghters

With the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge taking over the internet, when Mega64 finally arrives on the scene, a very important scenario and question comes to light. Let’s present this as intellectually as we can, yes? Yes. The most puzzling question as of late is one of a rather deep and existential nature: “Turn down for what?” – Since no answer to the question has been found yet to date, neither Mega64 nor the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has dropped a single decibel.

Mega64 – ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

So there you have it. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, as a whole, seems to have embodied the meat of said question earlier. It continues to barrel through every home equipped with a wifi connection and snowball in size with the amount of participants and videos being posted online. Mega64 decided to make that very question their anthem and also elect the notion that nothing is off limits in their insane ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video. In fact, their methods were so “nothing is off limits” that they claimed to have almost completely cured ALS during the video, while also keeping track of the aware level score. Very impressive stuff.


A lot of people are starting to complain about the ALS challenge. They like to make up a ton of reasons and excuses as to why, but it truly boils down to them just being upset that their social media feeds are completely dominated by challenge videos and they want that to stop. If you’re a human that is a resident of that camp, to you I now suggest this… Perhaps the question in question is not actually a question at all; but rather… a statement: “Turn down for, What.”

I heard it… your mind was just blown.

So the next course of and call to action I have for you is THIS!!! — find, What. If you don’t find the elusive and legendary, What, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has nobody for which to turn down for, thus no turning down shall take place. Unfortunately we have very little to go on here regarding the whereabouts of, What. There is one clue, though. It’s a hunch but it’s all we have to go on. Abbott & Costello have been telling us since the 1970’s that “What’s on second”. They may have known all along, one day there would be brave Indiana Jones-like crusaders in search of ending the internet takeover of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. They may have had this foresight. Maybe their comedy skit was really leaving a trail of bread crumbs for us to help solve the mystery of “where is What?”- whom of which things in a state of up only turn down for? I guess you should look there first. Keep me posted on your progress.

For everyone else, there’s so much insane stuff in that video that I couldn’t possibly start singling them all out. I started laughing hysterically when they nominated Casey Anthony.


Hit up the comments with what you liked best… or just vent. That’s welcome too. And if you made a donation for ALS or any other cause for that matter, good.

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By: Eli Rebich

PS – I was nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge too.


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