Alyssa Loughran Could Be the New Face of ReebokONE!

Back in November of 2013, we did a feature on our friend and fitness model, Alyssa Loughran. Judging by the response from everyone, it seems as if everyone has enjoyed her photos. Well, as most things go on the internet now-a-days, she is a semi-finalist and now needs our help! While there are many modeling contests scattered throughout the internet, when it involves a giant like Reebok, it is a contest to take serious. So if you can take the 4 seconds out of your day to help her, please do. Now! You can Vote for Alyssa Loughran to be the Face of ReebokONE!


The contest is currently down to 8 semi-finalists have been selected by a panel of judges for a chance to be the Face of ReebokONE. It is up to us to choose 2 finalists to receive a trip to the 2014 IDEA World Fitness Convention in Anaheim, CA. Vote up to 3 times for your favorite entries. Remember, by voting you’re helping out a friend of ours and all I can promise is that good karma will eventually find its way back to you.


My fitness story is pretty simple. I’m an athlete. I’ve always been an athlete. From gymnastics to volleyball, swimming and running. I workout hard. I love everything that comes from pushing my body. The sweat… the pain… and especially the results. I believe in pushing myself to motivate others. I don’t care for “conventional” workouts. Box jumps, dragon crawls, inverted crunches with weighted plates. I make a statement with my workout. Keep it fun. Keep it challenging. And never doubt that you can do it.







Visit the ReebokONE page now to cast your vote!

By: Pat Hanavan


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