Anestasia Vodka Review

My Anestasia Vodka review.

Anestasia Vodka has been on my radar for a while now.  Being in the spirits industry myself, it would be hard not to notice a product as uniquely packaged as this one hitting the scene, especially with my eyes and ears always on the up and coming.   And with the product placement in multiple up scale NYC fashion events and parties, it is no surprise that people have taken notice.  Now typically I am a fan of brands that boast the spirits roots.  And though I am “team America” all the way, I believe that some products are just better when they are imported from the product’s historical origin.  I have tasted quite a few “American Hand-Crafted” vodkas and 9 times out of 10, I am less than impressed.  However I must say that I was pleasantly surprised with the crisp smoothness of both the scent and the taste of Anestasia Vodka.


The bottle and packaging speak for themselves and I will say that in person the product does not disappoint in comparison to the product photos.  It is simple, clear, clean, and looks like something that would be in a museum of modern art as opposed to sitting on a bar.

But enough about the bottle.  Now to the vodka itself.

Anestasia has a bit of a sweet note upon smell.  Possibly a bit lighter than many pungent scents you get when you uncork most vodkas.  As you take a sip you certainly know you’re drinking vodka but somehow seem to think that this sip seems to go a little smoother than most.  Minimal burn on the way down but enough bite to keep your attention.  The after taste is similar in the fact that your palette is left with that vodka tingle but you wouldn’t mind another.

AnestasiA-Vodka-Single-Bottle-Premium-SpiritFor the mixed review I blended Anestasia Vodka with cranberry juice.  I tend to drink my vodka on the rocks or with a splash of water when I am out but to get the feel for how the product mixed with another flavor I wanted to use a juice of some type, and vodka cranberry was my go to drink when I was younger.

Anestasia Vodka almost got lost in the mix.  (And I like to think I have a pretty heavy hand when it comes to pouring my drinks.)  It was very smooth.  Almost too smooth.  For someone who likes to taste their vodka in their drink I recommend drinking this one straight.  The acidic nature of the cranberry took the bite of the vodka and swallowed it up.  It would not be difficult to have a couple of these and not even realize you were “getting there”.  If anything the vodka just sharpened the drink a bit for you and put you on your way.

All in all I would definitely suggest Anestasia Vodka to someone looking to try a new top shelf vodka on the market, and if anything I would simply recommend to beware, because the bottle will be gone before you know it.  Thank you to the team at Anestasia Vodka and keep up the good work!

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