Ant-Man Gets A Full-Size Full-Length Trailer. Marvel Universe Expansion Rolls On.

A movie starting off with some engine troubles, Ant-Man is alive, well and all but completely ready for theaters. Many movies have the option of being scrapped if the production or pre-production continually sputters out. Not Ant-Man. Marvel hasn’t let on to what their plans are for the character’s integration to their galactic universe, but it’s big. Ant-Man was going to happen if Marvel had to drag it kicking and screaming from start to finish. Marvel is leaning on this character for big things, despite his ability to shrink very, very small and we finally get a look at what they’re up to.

Ant-Man Trailer

There you have it. Not a ton to go off of beyond a little bit of ground work for how this story is going to develop. The major turn in this film is the version of Ant-Man you’re getting.

Hank Pym is the original Ant-Man, but as you can see, Michael Douglas is certainly no young man these days, the looker as he might still be. His descendant becomes Scott Lang, embodied by Paul Rudd. The major differences between the two are their intellects. Scott Lang is ultimately a thief who is still very smart and an electronics expert, but is dwarfed (no Ant-Man pun intended) by Hank Pym’s knowledge superiority. To put it in perspective, Scott Lang gets trained under and has worked along side of Tony Stark, where as Hank Pym believes his brain power can compete with if not surpass that of Tony’s. To expand on that concept a little further, even though in the Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, Tony Stark builds Ultron, the original version of the Ultron story is the living automaton is created by Hank Pym. Big brains in the skulls of those two heroes.

Ant-Man-suitIt looks like the Ant-Man movie is going to stick pretty closely to the Scott Lang origin story of inheriting the Ant-Man suit. To save his daughter’s life, Lang steals the suit from Pym with the intention of returning it then turning himself in, but Pym asks Lang to keep the suit but only use it for good and uphold the law.

The powers of Ant-Man may come off as silly; being able to shrink to insect-size and eventually subatomic sizes as well as having a helmet with telepathic powers on insects and sound amplification abilities so humans can hear him when he’s in shrunken form. This particular Marvel film may weigh much more on the villain to make Ant-Man seem relevant, which could be why you don’t get to see Yellowjacket in his suit in the trailer. Thank god for them internets though!

yellowjacketSo what are your feelings about the first Ant-Man trailer? Hit up the comments and I’ll see you down there.

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By: Eli Rebich


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