Are Your Pants on Fire?

You know what makes me happy? When my CliqueVodka Promo Models feel that they can be honest with me.  That’s definitely something I value about  them that I can’t say other Promotional Model Mangers have the luxury of. We work in an industry where the majority of shifts are on evenings and weekends; you know, the time when fun stuff is going on. That means as a Promo Model you are 100% going to be asked to work on holidays and during sporting events and concerts and a billion other exciting things.  Sure, on Easter weekend you might want to stuff your face with Cadbury chocolate and dye eggs, but instead, you are going to have to get off the couch, strap a puffy tail on your ass and some ears on your head and go to work as a  hot bunny like these sexy rabbits. Luckily, our, and most other companies, only have events that are about 2-3 hours long, so you get to work, and still have time to go do fun stuff. That being said, if your favorite artist comes to town and you are already scheduled 9-11 but they play at 9:30pm, you probably will miss the show. UNLESS, you A) Find someone to cover your shift, or B) Call off.

As a Manager, I’m of course going to prefer that my girls  pick Option A and get someone to cover their shift. In my opinion, I don’t care if you decide last-minute that you want to CLIP YOUR TOENAILS  instead of working- as long as you let me know and you find someone to cover it. If you just won tickets on the radio this morning to see Chris Brown TODAY, you can trust that I or someone else will have the sense not to be going and might be available to cover for you, just ask!

Now, on to option B. If you decide to just call off, I highly doubt you are going to tell me/your boss what is REALLY going on. You know, you don’t want us to think you are a flake or anything. Well,  Rihanna is the only one who has had a valid excuse to call off work with Chris Brown as the reason, so, you are probably trying to come up with a good excuse (aka LIE) to tell your boss.  Hmmmmmm maybe your car broke down (good one!) or you need to stay home to give your cat his anti-anxiety meds (bad one!) or you had to ninja fight a dinosaur to get into your house and now you are afraid to leave (GREAT ONE!).

STOP RIGHT THERE! Don’t even continue with that thought train. The instant you lie to your boss, you are going down a slippery slope water slide that you purchased from LIES R US. There is no need to lie, Karma will just come back and kick you in the butt and your boss will probably see your instantly uploaded pictures on FB or Twitter and catch you in the act. You should be ashamed!  Why don’t you just buy some flaming pants like these to wear around, so that we know right away that you are a Liar Liar (with your Pants on Fire).

Now on the other hand, if you have an emergency situation, and need to call off, don’t worry. I won’t punish you if your tire falls off on the parkway (it’s happened to me).  Just please do everything you can to help find a replacement, and make sure you don’t have an emergency every week.  By the way, proof of your emergency is always welcome: pictures of the car accident, speeding tickets, pictures of the dinosaur, or doctor excuses. If you are a newer employee especially, honesty builds trust between you and your employer. Without honesty, you just can’t trust a person which will definitely result in MAYHEM like in the video below.

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  1. James Wat said:

    You have to deal with this in every industry. I have an open door policy with my employees: don’t lie and tell me that you’re sick and can’t go to work; just tell me that you had too much to drink the night before and you’re hung over.

    You clearly have your head on straight as a manager and know what you are doing. This is a recipe for success.

    Misc thoughts: It’s a little bit easier in my industry to do this, because most of our appointments can be scheduled at our discretion and we don’t work every day. Therefor, it’s easy to move stuff around if one of them needs the day off. And of course, we never work holidays.

  2. Damaris said:

    It can be super challenging to manage 40 girls all between the ages of 21-30 but I have a great boss to help me and I really appreciate your comments! PS- If I find myself out of work ever, I’m coming to you for a job! HA!

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